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A friend on Google Reader shared this Web Worker Daily article, "Corporate Culture, Not Technology, Drives Online Collaboration" by Will Kelly. I completely agree with the sentiment, but some of the specific examples worried me.
Is juggling several tennis balls while telling a joke multitasking? Not according to an interesting discussion from Stowe Boyd.
A podcast of a breakthrough moment on the value of blogging and Web 2.0 for the president of a business.
Patti Anklam covers about five years worth of research and writing in her extensive summary.
In case you think I am a dyed-in-the-wool Theory of Constraints promoter, I point to this article by Dan Trietsch from a 2005 issue of Project Management Journal.
Phillip G. Armour discusses is the nature of people in groups. There are people (often leaders of some sort) whose behavior sets the tone for the whole group.
I have been reading Lilia Efimova's PhD thesis, Passion at Work: Blogging Practices of Knowledge Workers, and the words feel very familiar.
Is email useful or not? This topic has gotten some energy lately from Luis Suarez and Andrew McAfee (and others). It's clear to me that email is simply not th eright tool for collaboration.
I thought Folksonomy folktales from Tom Reamy in the October 2009 KMWorld provided an interesting perspective on the discussion of folksonomies as the solution to all troubles that aflict taxonomies.
Shocking news everyone: Multitasking doesn't work. Stanford research shows that it doesn't, at least when walking and chewing gum at the same time.
I'm a little behind the curve on this one, but I picked up and devoured Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, The Story of Success. Now, the question is, what do I do with this information?

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