Twelve months of 2009 with Knowledge Jolt

Meme in Progress 3It's time for another all-about-me meme.  I don't think I've posted one here in a long time, as most of them have moved over to Facebook and Twitter.  (Thankfully, for the most part.)

This time it is a brief history of this blog.  Pick the first sentence of the first post of each month and show off your brilliance.  Based on Christina Pikas' entry, which is based on that from DrugMonkey.  Here is me.  I seem to be remarkably consistent.  I also provide the number of posts that month, mainly to say that I've posted more in previous years - 61 in October 2003.:

  • Jan: I like the idea of this Blog Carnival, even though I have never really figured them out.  [link] (9 total posts)
  • Feb: I came across this pair of items that talk about a familiar topic.  [link] (6 total posts)
  • Mar: My friend and long-time mentor in knowledge management, Jerry Ash, has been working on a new project for about the last year.  [link] (13 total posts)
  • Apr: The Standish Group has released their latest survey on project success, CHAOS 2009.  [link] (12 total posts)
  • May: If you pay attention to technology, or even read the weekly tech section in your local newspaper, you have heard of Wolfram|Alpha from the creator of Mathematica.  [link] (9 total posts)
  • Jun: As most who read my blog on a regular basis, I am a fan (and consultant) of Theory of Constraints.  [link] (17 total posts)
  • Jul: Daniel Markham has some fun with Estimating Project Size - What To Fix.  [link] (12 total posts)
  • Aug: CommonCraft have published another informative video, but this time the interesting part (to me) isn't the subject of the video.  [link] (8 total posts)
  • Sep: Brad Hinton has a recent post On clarity, where he suggests that a key element of knowledge management has been ignored: the goal of being able to do something with all this stuff (whether documents, databases, or a picture of the organizational network).  [link] (11 total posts)
  • Oct: A friend on Google Reader shared this Web Worker Daily article, Corporate Culture, Not Technology, Drives Online Collaboration by Will Kelly.  [link] (11 total posts)
  • Nov: Someone on Twitter pointed to Luca Baiguini's How Smart Leaders Talk About Time a "Conversation Starter" from in October.  [link] (9 total posts)
  • Dec: While many people see KM as all about the "management" and "collection" of knowledge, I have always seen it as about informing as many people as possible about what is going on / what is going through the organizational mind. [link]

Three so far this month, and I see several waiting to be written.  Maybe I'll break a record for the year!

[Photo: "Meme in Progress 3" by mark leichliter]

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