Do I need an update to my blog?

Hello kind readers (nearly 2000 of you, according to FeedBurner).  I have been thinking that I'd like to "freshen up" my blog, but I don't have a whole lot of energy to make a big update. 

Do any of you have suggestions for what I could change or improve about the look of my blog?  Maybe most people read via the web feed in Google Reader, Bloglines or Newsgator (the three most popular readers), and there is no need to update the blog at all?

One area that I'd like to fix / improve is the ability to read on a mobile device.  All those columns get in the way of reading the content...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Enjoy your weekends.

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James Dellow said:

I read your blog via RSS, so changes to the look and feel of your blog probably won't make a lot of difference to me. However, a mobile friendly interface might be a good idea.

Roch Gauthier said:

Hi Jack,

I read your blog via RSS feed as well. No need to refresh the look of your blog in my opinion.


James Lee said:

I'm another who reads your blog only via the feed. You should consider using Google Reader for mobile access.

You might also consider creating a Facebook Page for your blog, and having it automatically post each of your blog posts. You'll probably see a dramatic increase in comments/discussion, since so many people are already on Facebook, and it makes sharing so easy.

Thanks, James. I use Google Reader all the time, but I was thinking about people who might spot a link to my blog (via Twitter or Facebook for example) on their smartphone and then click through to it.

I currently have an automatic post to my Facebook profile when I post a blog entry. But that's just the title and the link to my blog. Hadn't explored setting up a page for the blog - easy enough to set up the page. But how do I have the page automatically pick up my web feed and post the items to the page?

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This entry was published on January 22, 2010 5:55 PM and has 4 comment(s).

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