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Bloglines no moreBloglines is shutting down at the end of September.  If you are using Bloglines to read Knowledge Jolt, please find a new RSS reader.  Here are some possibilities for your switch from Bloglines.   

For what it's worth, about 1/4 of the people reading my blog come from Bloglines, according to Feedburner.  When I look at website referrer information, I see a very small number of people coming to my website from Bloglines.

First off, you need to get your subscriptions.  Some services know how to read from Bloglines, but in case they don't you need to find the "Export Subscriptions" option under the Feeds tab.  Your browser should offer to save the file to your computer.  You can then import these subscriptions into any other reader.  (Bloglines are showing you how to do that on the home page.)

Then you need to pick a new reader.  As far as reading options, the biggest player in the room is Google Reader (50% of my readers - and similar statistics for many others).  The Google Reader team have even written a welcome post for people who might be making the switch.  A welcome and a look back:

We know that nothing will be quite like Bloglines in the hearts of its users, but if you're looking for another online feed reader, we encourage you to give Reader a shot. All you need is a Google account (you already have one if you use Gmail) -- and here's a video to help you get started. It's also very easy to bring your Bloglines subscriptions over, you just have to export them from Bloglines and import them into Reader.

There are a number of other web-based options.  And, like Google Reader, there are some that provide access via multiple devices, such as Netvibes and NewsGator.  I've noticed that there are some of the newer "social dashboard" applications that incorporate feed reading, such as Seesmic.  And there are a number of standalone applications (RSS readers or news aggregators), such as my recent looks at RSS Bandit.  It's also possible to pull a web feed into Outlook or Firefox or Internet Explorer directly.

Finally, I have been using FeedBlitz for a long time to offer email subscriptions to this weblog.  Feedblitz sends email once a day with a summary of any articles I've posted in that day.  The form below should work, and it's always on the left side of my home page. 

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[Image is my mashup on the Bloglines logo.]

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Brett Author Profile Page said:

I used to use Bloglines as my reader of choice, but have long since made the jump to Google Reader. Come to think of, my now abandoned BlogLines account is probably still subscribed to your feed....

Jack Vinson Author Profile Page said:

That's funny, Brett. I bet my Bloglines account is still sitting there subscribed to a lot of active (and defunct) blogs. A lot of long-time bloggers are going to lose about 25% of their Feedburner subscribers.

Brett Author Profile Page said:

I hadn't considered what it would do to my own blog subscribers - gasp! A quick look and some quick arithmetic, looks like I'll lose about 1 in 7 of my subscribers.

I'm thinking I should maybe mention it on my blog as well....

When I mentioned this on Twitter, several people said that many of the Bloglines subscriptions might be defunct or otherwise unused anyway. I have my subscriptions still in there, for example. And I set up some dummy accounts to show the way to a class or two, so those are still sitting there. For those interested in the statistics, it might be interesting. I'm not going to change my writing style, though.

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