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Wrestling projects is no fun. Instead of patching more and more policies on top of the project environment, deal with the source of the problems: variability and communication.
I've had an iPhone for a year and a different smartphone before that. Things have changed, and they haven't changed.
Richard McDermott has a piece on the HBR website that has me thinking: "Free your staff to think."
Carla O'Dell and Cindy Hubert's new book _The New Edge in Knowledge_ covers a lot of ground on describing what organizations are doing with knowledge management.
I did a podcast interview with Joe Dager of the Business901 podcast on the intersection of knowledge management and Theory of Constraints.
Steve Denning has been talking about his book _Radical Management_ for a while, but something new stood out for me at a talk this week. Continuous improvement.
My thoughts on "Nudge" by Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler, a book about designing the world in which real people live and play. And where they make decisions that could be better.
Interesting piece by Deb Lavoy on the skills required of collaboration. Listening and reflection show up a lot. As does curiosity, one of my favorites.
New tools and technology are fun and all, but once you get beyond the experimenting stage, please decide how you are going to use that shiny new tool to do the things you need to do.
What is it that knowledge managers do? And what do you look for in a job description or a job title for "knowledge management?"
Wired did an interview with Fred Brooks in connection with his book on design. He's got a familiar comment about your constraint - it isn't always what you think.
Interesting to read Womack and Jones' _Lean Thinking_ and see where there are similarities and differences with Theory of Constraints. I am always learning something new.
Terminology from Womack and Jones book _Lean Thinking_ has me thinking and wondering. And it gives me reason to create a very brief glossary.
I came across a great article about IDEO's knowledge sharing and collaboration tool, The Tube. They do a great job of describing the how and why behind its creation.

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