Podcast discussion of KM and TOC

A week or two I talked with Joe Dager of the Business901 podcast around the general topics of knowledge management and Theory of Constraints with an emphasis on how the two work together. He has posted the resulting discussion as The New Knowledge Management Game. This was a great discussion with Joe, and a topic I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Jack Vinson, a Knowledge Management and Theory of Constraints expert, was my guest on the Busienss901 Podcast. He is passionate and well versed in both subjects and we had a spirited conversation about them. A bottom line person, Jack is constantly looking for ways to see how the products he manages can help the customer be more effective with their time and energy.

Good stuff. Thanks, Joe!

Update: Transcript of this podcast now available.

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Atle Iversen said:

Any transcript ? I read faster, can copy written nuggets of wisdom and search using Google - a podcast isn't the best way to share knowledge ?!

(and your teaser made me curious :-)

Jack Vinson Author Profile Page said:

Joe usually publishes a transcript a week or two after the podcast comes out.

Atle Iversen said:

Thanks - I'll check again later, then :-)

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