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behind the eight ballThanks to the inspiration and my ongoing desire to write, I have been blogging here at Knowledge Jolt with Jack for eight years. Yippee.

The topics I cover have changed somewhat over the years, but I look back and see that some of my first entries were on Knowledge Management and Theory of Constraints. And I look at the last month and see that I am still writing on those same topics. Not a big surprise, given where my interests still lie.

I write much less frequently than I have in years past, but I still enjoy getting my thoughts out in the public eye, and my blog offers a single place to do that where I know I have control. I continue to check out various discussion forums and other venues for online collaboration. And there are always interesting discussions to be had with friends and colleagues over coffee, which I pursue when possible.

[Photo: "behind the eight ball" by Ed Schipul]

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James said:

Thank you for your dedication, Jack. We all benefit from the fruit of your efforts.

Karl Vogel said:

Congrats and all that!

I just finished reading a dandy paper. My apologies if you've already mentioned it, but it's too good to miss:
The nonsense of 'knowledge management'
T.D. Wilson

Jim McGee said:


Congrats on hitting this milestone. Keep at it. Hope you're well.



Jack Vinson Author Profile Page said:

This is a test. People are having trouble leaving comments.

Luis Suarez said:

Hi Jack! Wooohooo!! Congratulations, my friend! One of my all time favourite KM Bloggers going some really well deserved celebrations! I still remember the day when I first bumped into your blog where you were talking about KM and with that inspiration I decided to jump in and create my own blog, internally. Then the rest is history! Wonderful news, indeed!

Here's to another 8 years of great success with your blog and your career, and please don't stop with the daily dose of inspiration... we need it! :-D

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience and make us participate of it and look forward to further interactions! :)


PS. Yes, I was one of the folks who had trouble leaving comments behind and that was using FF4; looks like in Safari it is working just fine! Phew! Thanks for checking in!

Thanks, James. I've always appreciated your perspectives on content and knowledge and your other interesets.

Thank, Karl. That paper is a classic of the discussion of "what is KM" and I have always thought it completely missed the mark on what KM should be about. But then his perspective was that everything published academically about KM seemed to be simply information management.

Thanks, Jim. Of course, it is "your fault" that I am blogging - or at least you were the one who pushed me over the edge to stop leaving long comments on your blog and to start up my own already.

Thanks, Luis. I appreciate your diligence at getting this comment posted. And I most certainly appreciate you and your blogging over the years. Let's keep those words - and the excitement behind them - flowing.

Congratulations, Jack!

I admire your work. Looking forward to another 8 or more! :-)

Take care and all the best!

Thanks, Lech. And I find your new-to-me blog to follow on interesting human aspects of how we run our projects and our businesses.

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