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Yesterday doesn't mean much when I want to know the status of the project and whether there are any bumps on the path to getting to done.
Building on Dan Pontefract's thinking about the foolish distinction of generational divides when it comes to learning and collaborating in our world.
Follow the cash. Other accounting practices don't help with decision-making.
Pay attention to what you are doing. Think beforehand, and then take action. And of course, check that your actions are taking you in the right direction and correct course as needed.
Nick Milton reminds us that "it isn't information overload when it is information you want." And I play with it a little, hoping for some artificial intelligence sooner than later.
I attended Kanban training last week and very much enjoyed it. I've used the concept in some consulting engagements, and this training is helping me solidify my understanding and see areas for improvement.
I read Tom DeMarco's _Slack_. Short review: read the book, even if it is ten years old. Long review: read this entry.
Recent research suggests that (IT) projects are ticking time bombs, but does it have to be this way? CCPM can help.
The Power of the 2x2 Matrix by Alex Lowy and Phil Hood gives some excellent material around problem solving and analytical thinking that goes into 2x2 matrices. Read the first two sections in detail and save the examples in Part 3 for reference material.

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