Expressing gratitude

As most people know, today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It's a day for gathering with family and friends and food. It's also a day to reflect on what we have in our lives and be grateful. Here is an abbreviated list for me.

  • Family: I sit here on the train with my family as we go to visit more family. Joy.
  • Friends: People in my close circles and those I only "see" virtually all add to my life.
  • Work: Yes, work. I really enjoy helping people get things done, and the people I work with make that all the better.
  • Health: Sure this varies, but it great to have what I have and get to share with the people around me.
  • Hikes with the kids.
  • Bike rides alone or with friends / family.
  • Books. Letters on the page (or screen) always entertain and educate.
  • Music. Our home is often engulfed in music, whether playing over ear buds, or our Sonos, or piano practice. Recent purchase: Miles Davis' A Kind of Blue because my son is learning the piano part to "So What."
  • Food: Whether simple or fancy, it's always fun to prepare and eat with friends ands family.
  • Life.
  • Love.

What are you grateful for? Today or any day.

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john holbrook Author Profile Page said:

Excellent Post Jack!

I'm most thankful for the opportunity to be an active participant in my life. Over the past several years, I have come to realize that sometimes life isn't always fair and that struggles are a part of living in balance.

On Thanksgiving Day, I looked deep into my wife's eyes and saw that spark of interest which was buried in the depths of past doubt. And, as an added blessing, she saw the same spark in mine. This revelation screamed the words "I Love You" to a barely audible whisper into her ear.

And, as a point of unabashed sinful pride, we both saw this spark in our seven kids. The fuzzy romantic Thanksgiving setting was complete with the wide smiles of our Corgi's Muffin and Moe laying in sleep across our feet.

Then, as if on cue, one child starts to argue over playing a video game and the house turns into stress filled panic. Hence, the good and the bad, the white and the black, the ebb and flow and disco music, real life kicks in.

This balance is what I'm truly thankful for!

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