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Activity Streams seem to be everywhere. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. And now we have streams coming from business process applications, like your ERP or the shop-floor monitoring tools. It changes how we should think about the streams.
Euan Semple's "Organizations Don't Tweet People Do" compiles his great thinking on helping organizations make the shift to being more human.
I see that the FDA and NFL have both published rules / guidelines on how to use social media recently. Really?
A friend is setting up a new personal blog (yes, people still do that), and he asked me a few questions about the style and layout. But this got me thinking why it is that blogs are still valuable - at least for me.
Ask yourself some good questions, rather than worry about getting buried in information. This is the essential advice of Frank and Magnone's new book.
Context matters. I've said this for years. And now, Sam Sommers has a new book out that says the same thing. Plus a video introduction.
Interesting set of executive "habits" associated with failures from Sydney Finkelstein - originally published eight years ago. I like the "lack of respect" early warning sign.

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