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I've said it many times that "change" has to make sense to the people who are expected to change.
James Robertson has put together a great picture of the workplace of the future in "A week in the digital workplace."
If you see people as "resisting" a change initiative, maybe they just see the immediate impact of the change as "stupid" and not helping them in their goals to learn and grow.
Knowledge management dies from time to time. Maybe we should just kill off the parts that don't actually work.
Yasiv is a visual recommendation service that helps people to find the right product from Amazon's catalog.
What tricks do you use when confronted by a mountain? How do you convert it into a molehill?
Last spring the SIKM Leaders group discussed the idea of "evidence of KM" and I wrote a blog post with my top ten, What is your evidence of KM. The topic has come up again, and I have more thoughts. Of course.
Are all dead people famous? A set of articles from Vinod Khosla on artificial intelligence has me thinking of some of the problems we still haven't solved yet.
I breezed through Jim Benson's short and informative Why Plans Fail: Cognitive Bias, Decision Making, and Your Business. As you can see from the subtitle, it isn't about blaming someone else for why plans fail. It's about helping us see how our own thinking gets us in this mess.

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