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yasiv_goal.jpgI'm sure people have written about Yasiv before, but I only just saw something about it from Skip Walter. What is it?

Yasiv is a visual recommendation service that helps people to find the right product from Amazon's catalog. Being it a book, a movie or a video game - Yasiv finds anything what is sold on

I played with it a bit. The attached image is centered on Goldratt's The Goal. The first cluster of books is obvious - Goldratt's other titles. The next clusters are interesting, leading into general management or to Lean.

I like that it's a different way to see recommendations than reading the list of recommendations that Amazon provides. It's fun to play with. I suspect this would be most helpful when looking for reading suggestions for my kids or gift ideas based on other gifts. I don't know how much I'd use it when I am shopping for my own books - I usually know what I want when I go there.

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Lily said:

Yasiv seems to be a cool way shopping in Amazon. This can probably make your search easier. I just wonder how this program created. *thinking*

Thanks for blogging about this

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