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Tony Schwartz has a great piece on "The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time" that has inspired a lot of comments and additional conversation. Multitasking - and eliminating it - is an important topic to doing well as an individual as well as in organizations that want to get stuff done.
There is a new research survey out there on Critical Chain Project Management implementations. If you have ever participated in or run a CCPM implementation, please go take the survey.
A couple of articles have me thinking and wondering why we still convert "collaboration" or "social business" into things they are not. The problem - as always - is that people are confusing the tools for the behavior. The behavior we want to see is people working together to get things done ("collaboration").
"The greatest crisis facing us is ... a crisis in the *organization* and *accessibility* of human knowledge." Robert Heinlein
How often do initiatives get bogged down with the introduction of shiny, new tools instead of the meat of the change?
Overall, David Weinberger's new book, Too Big to Know, is an interesting study of knowledge and where the networked world is taking us.
Todd Williams and Gamestorming re-introduced me to the idea of diverging and converging when it comes to coming up with ideas - either for brainstorming or more mundane things like meeting planning.
OODA and other improvement cycles are everywhere. I came across another in discussion of the ever-expanding landscape of social media.
I picked up and breezed through the e-book version of Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson's "Race Against the Machine." It is a quick and informative read about the current state of the economy and where it might be going.
This is exactly the reason that high-level support for collaboration and collaboration technologies is still so critical. I hear these comments almost every time I bring up the idea of social media within the organization.

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