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FoCE coverThe Future of Collaborative Enterprise published a white paper describing What Is Social Business Really About (pdf), which is a great collection of ideas and quotes from a range of thinkers in the social business / enterprise 2.0 arena. Many of the names are familiar to me, and the overall sentiment of the white paper is right in line with my thinking. It was good to see it written down in one place.  

So, what is it all about? It's about getting people working together when and where they need to work together. Social business is the acknowledgment that work cannot get done without the assistance of other people - MANY other people. And those people might be next door, or they might be in the office on the other side of the globe. They might not even be within your organization. 

p.s. To the FoCE group: make it more obvious how to get in touch with you from the PDF. I was a little confused, reading it on my mobile device who had written the white paper and how I could get in touch with them.

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Thanks, Harold.

I figured it out with a simple Google query on the title of the white paper, but it was disconcerting when I was reading the article on my iPad and I had no idea where it came from. The fact that it says Future of Collaborative Enterprise on the front page was completely meaningless to me, as there was no URL or other "who we are" information in the white paper. (Not a very useful thing in a white paper meant to attract eyeballs.)

Harold, Jack,

Thanks to both of you :) to Harold for linking, and to Jack for the tip. Frankly, you may call me a loony, but I didn't of Google linking directly to the white paper!

This all needs for sure a bit more of polishing, promotion, et al... and there is more to come from the project in the (near I hope) future. Jack, I would be happy to discuss further about this if you want.


Would always love to hear more, Theirry.

For what it's worth, I think someone linked me to the web page for the paper and I downloaded it. When I went to read it several days later on my Kindle, I had lost all context as to where it came from and who originally pointed to it. I follow about half the people who were quoted in the paper, so it could have been any of them. Or someone else. And since the paper didn't have much in the way of identification, I was confused until I was awake enough to do a quick Google check.

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