Overwhelmed? Maybe this picture can explain it

David Allen is very consistent in the ways he talks about Getting Things Done, and this recent blog Q&A isn't much different. Why do people let themselves get overwhelmed at work?   

Answer: People tend to both over-commit and to be inefficient. ...

My response to reading the answer was to see a logic tree, all building up to "overwhelmed."  So, I figured I would give it a whirl at drawing what David Allen says in the answer.  (And to get some practice with some new drawing software.)  What do you think?

Overcommit David Allen

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julia said:

Thanks for putting this into an immediately understandable image! The only suggestion I'd make to improve (based on my daily entrepreneurial experience) is add arrows off "overwhelmed" & "crisis chaos" that both circle around to "screw it; make a cocktail. tomorrow is another day."


And of course, those things would lead back to other entities having to do with "I don't know what I am doing" and "Did I promise something last night?"

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