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The design of the InnovationWell workshop on Next Generation KM for R&D was to talk about that exact topic and what might be involved in creating the technology around supporting R&D activities.
Tuesday morning, the InnovationWell discussions included several product demonstrations, including two from pharma companies who had done some of their own work.
InnovationWell is holding its next conference in the Philadelphia area on 16-19 October. As part of that they are holding an Open Event on Knowledge Management in R&D and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks on the 17th.
Smart Tea Project is an expanded electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) system.
KMWorld Magazine has a nice overview of electronic lab notebooks in the June 2006 issue from David Raths, "Scientists take a closer look at ELNs." Nice to see this in KMWorld.
Derek Lowe of the medicinal chemistry blog In the Pipeline writes positively about his experience with electronic lab notebooks (ELN's).
I don't know why this has to be a celebration, but it is good news for anyone worried about electronic archiving of records. When the government gets behind something, it suggests that there is enough confidence in the technologies and the processes that the records will hold up. From the Ten...
A follow-up to the demonstration I attended for "Electronic R&D." There was a question of data mining in an electronic R&D environment. With an data management system there is the potential for it to hold data from a wide variety of instruments and reports. Wouldn't it be great if one could conduct exploratory data mining across all the data sets?
NuGenesis organized a seminar to demonstrate how their product can interoperate with other companies' products to form a solution for electronic R&D.
Software and hardware should be integrated, so they are best able to work together and provide the business what it needs. At least that has been the thinking of enterprise application integration proponents.
This article in the June issue of BioIT World talks about Infinity Pharma setting up a fully wireless network in their labs and offices in Boston. I wonder if blogging can enhance the knowledge transfer?

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