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Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to see a blog-friend, Martin Röll, who has been visiting Boston and the US on business. The specific meeting point was an introductory session on the Art of Hosting conversations that matter.
I'll be at the TOCICO conference this week. Look for lots of tweets on the topic (#TOCICO) and several blog posts - I hope.
I am attending the Lean Software & Systems Conference this week.
The monthly "first Friday" breakfast meeting of KM Forum had another discussion of "decision making" today, but this time focused on creating the environments for people to make "the right" decisions and choices. Reading and reviewing some of the preparatory materials had me making a number of connections to other ideas I've been absorbing lately.
The local Boston chapter of the SIKM Leaders group met Thursday morning. The group were drawn to the topic of Observable Work, and we riffed on the idea for about an hour. These are some more of my thoughts, based on that conversation.
I know this is a bit last minute: I am leading a discussion about decision making and knowledge management at Boston KM Forum tomorrow: "Influences on How I Can Make Better Decisions at Boston KM Forum."
The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is attempting to use the concepts to help organize the Boston conference.
Matt Homann posted a list of Ten Rules of Law Firm Retreats, but I think these are equally applicable to just about any time you take people off to discuss how things are going in the business or how to improve the business.
This week, I get to spend several days in San Francisco at Realization's Project Flow 2009 conference. Hopefully, I get to meet some additional friends.
Mark Woeppel will be doing a Critical Chain Project Management Webinar on 29 April.
InnovationWell are doing another event at Bryn Mawr (Philadelphia) on 13 October The Push and Pull of Knowledge Management in R&D.
The April 2008 Meeting of KM Chicago will focus on knowledge-centered support (KCS) with a discussion by Tom Melzl of InQuira.
If you haven't decided on what you are doing at the beginning of May, you might want to consider the upcoming KM conference from APQC in May 1-2 in Chicago. Sadly, I won't be there.
APQC is offering a series on Web 2.0 for KM that will inclue a number of phone calls and virutal site visits to discover how leading companies are using Web 2.0 in pursuit of knowledge management.
The February 2008 Meeting of KM Chicago will cover the perennially-favorite KM topic of expertise location.
Luis Suarez and a boatload of others are contemplating a Next Generation Knowledge Sharing & Learning Online Conference Event - In Spring 2008?
Conference news is in the air. ASIS&T will have another International Conference on Knowledge Management in October 2008 in Columbus, OH.
The Association of Knowledgework is moving into a new phase of existence and is gonig to start with cafés held around the world. Here is one in Phoenix that is open to anyone interested in reshaping AOK as a Future Center.
Barry Hardy is thinking about "Productivity Gains enabled by ICT and KM Support Systems" because he's organizing another InnovationWell event in Philadelphia on 15-16 October.
The KM Chicago: October 9 Meeting will host Dale Stanley of Genentech, discussing "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective KM (with apologies to Stephen Covey)."
Cynthia Lesky will be the featured speaker at the KM Chicago Sept 11 meeting, where she will focus on secondary information in knowledge management.
Advances in Information, Communications and Knowledge Management Support Systems for R&D will be held outside Philadelphia on 15-16 October 2007. It's got interesting content AND will be a knowledge cafe format.
I'll be at BlogHer '07 this weekend, and I know there are several people that I want to meet face-to-face. And I am sure there are more that will be a pleasure to meet this weekend.
The speaker, Chris Fletcher, is responsible for Knowledge Management in the Asia Pacific region for the consulting practice of Deloitte.
Starting today, I am sitting in the STAR Series seat at the Association of Knowledge Work. Topic: KM in Academia.
On June 13th, I'll be one of three people participating on a panel discussion on the relationship between HPT, KM and OD. The session is being run by CISPI.
KM Chicago's May 8th meeting will be a knowledge cafe: Knowledge Cafe on Key Enablers.
If you can be in Amsterdam in mid-May, have a look at BlogWalk Eleven for May 18th 2007 in Amsterdam. The focus is "digital Bohemiens."
The February meeting of KM Chicago will feature Tim Keelan of StoryQuest. I am interested to hear where he has gone with doing storytelling and narrative in organizations.
I am talking about Theory of Constraints Monday (22 January) evening through my association with Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change . This will be an introduction to the concept.
KM Chicago is looking for someone to talk about the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon, particularly in light of the Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2006.
The November KM Chicago meeting will be a knowledge cafe, a la David Gurteen.
The Center for Knowledge Management at Dominican University is holding a KM Open House on October 27th, and I will be speaking with several others on knowledge management and careers in the field.
I've judged projects for the Innovation Challenge the last two years, and it's been interesting. They are looking for some more judges.
Six Apart, maker of MovableType and TypePad, is doing a series of business blogging seminars across the USA through the end of the year.
Small, unscripted "unconferences" akin to punk rock while the big major conferences are like arena rock.
The American Library Association has an annual Banned Books Week to remind people that "Free People Read Freely."
InnovationWell is holding its next conference in the Philadelphia area on 16-19 October. As part of that they are holding an Open Event on Knowledge Management in R&D and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks on the 17th.
James Spillane will be speaking on Distributed Leadership at Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change's first Innovator Lecture of the year on October 3rd at the AON Center in Chicago's Loop.
The 12 September meeting of KM Chicago will host one of my masters advisees, Rickie Tinimbang, discussing his capstone research, The Knowledge Brain Drain.
Lou Rosenfeld and Steve Krug will hold an informal get-together on September 14th (Thursday) in the evening while they are here to give workshops.
Lisa Beckers, Americas Regional Knowledge Manager for Deloitte Consulting LLP (division of Deloitte & Touche) will provide a "Report from the Front Lines of KM Offshoring" at the next KM Chicago meeting, 13 June, 5-7 pm.
Ark Group are continuing their law-and-KM series of conferences. I attended the one in New York in February, and I am sure this will be interesting as well. Integrating Information & KM Architectures in the Legal Profession, 13-14 June 2006, Toronto, Canada.
Denham Grey is excited about Steve Barth's upcoming Deconstructing Knowledge Management with Steve Barth at KnowledgeBoard. I found Barth's article on PKM to be interesting as well.
MeshForum 2006 will be in San Francisco this year on May 7-9th. Please consider attending if networks are in your realm of interest. Registration is open and there is now a group discount option.
Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change has an interesting talk coming up on May 1st: The Inner Life of a Leader with Dan McAdams.
The March 14th KM Chicago meeting will play host to Stan Garfield of Hewlett-Packard's Worldwide Consulting & Integration Knowledge Management organization. He will talk about the KM program in the consulting organization.
MeshForum 2006 will be 7-9 May in Chicago. Once again, I am involved in organizing the event. Please let me know if you have any questions.
The next KM Chicago meeting will be 14 Feburary, at it's normal time from 5-7 pm. The topic is "KM in the Asia-Pacific region."
I'll be on a panel at the Knowledge Management for the Modern Law Firm conference that the Ark Group is organizing in New York City, 22-23 February 2006.

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