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To my readers. I am in the process of moving my blog from the current backend to a new one, and I expect there will be some hiccups along the way. My I hope to recreate my feeds and everything smoothly. Probably everything will go kablooey for a while.
Bloglines is shutting down at the end of September. If you are using Bloglines to read Knowledge Jolt, please find a new RSS reader. Here are some options.
Pumacy Technologies AG are doing a study of Knowledge Management Blogs. This particular report provides a ranking of 50+ blogs in the KM arena for the month of August 2008.
Oh, pretty. Marcel Salathé has created a java applet that builds a network of your blog (or any other website) based on the HTML.
I have been blogging for five years now. Amazing.
Bill Brantley describes How education/training has changed in the last three years for him. People want to be able to remix their content, no matter what the source.
I'm moving out of the Corante network. I have learned a lot from participating in the network, and I hope I have been able to contribute my share to the readership.
I met for coffee with a networking friend yesterday, and we bantered around a lot of ideas for both of our businesses. What stuck with me was the question of why is knowledge management so interesting.
I linked to the techno-centric description from the US government a few days ago, and both Yigal Chamish and Shawn Callahan rightly complained in the comments that it missed whole aspects of KM that are important to the field. Here is some thought on the way I think about KM.
I've updated the way comments are handled on this website. Namely, I now require that commenters enter a painfully obvious pass phrase to block spam robots.
I've set up FeedBlitz email subsciption for this blog.
I am proud to announce that Knowledge Jolt, Inc. is now offering a KM Six Pack in conjunction with Jerry Ash of the Association of Knowledgework. This is a series of six articles that describe the core of knowledge management that can be tailored to the purposes of your business. The articles are based on extensive discussions, research and practical experience in knowledge management.
Knowledge Jolt provides consulting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on establishing effective work practices associated with how knowledge is used.
Comments and recent discussion has me thinking about KM. Knowledge is has to be built into how organizations AND people do business -- and at that point it is almost fruitless to talk about knowledge itself. The important thing becomes questions around what drives the business or what motivates people.
As long as everything has gone correctly, I am now incorporated in the state of Illinios as "Knowledge Jolt, Inc." I'll be selling consulting services in knowledge management, focusing on the pharmaceutical and chemical industries in order to exploit my formal training in chemical engineering and my history in the pharma industry.

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