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Speaking of questions: "Ask a new question and learn new things." from George Greenstein
I am finding Mind Manager v7 to be very slugging and a CPU-hog on my laptop. Mindjet, Are you listening? Are you doing something to take care of this problem?
Betsy Fanning of the AIIM Standards Watch is requesting Best Practices for Email Management through a new community they've set up. They are looking for suggestions as to what the group should discuss. I've got a few thoughts, of course.
Dennis Kennedy has a discussion / rant on the trend of every software application to decide that it needs to automatically update itself and screw up your machine.
I've been having some trouble with mail to bouncing to the senders. If this is happening to you, I'd appreciate your letting me know via jackvinson AT comcast DOT net.
I am compiling a list of academic programs that have knowledge management courses or programs.
Will the search engines highligh pages that have been tagged with a term that doesn't otherwise appear on the page?
I am going into my third round of teaching a knowledge management class in Northwestern's Masters of Learning and Organizational Change program. I'm looking for suggestions and guidance on this topic: what works well, where do I need to tread carefully.
I have recently received an iPod Nano. I have been collecting digital content for many years, so my library is many times larger than what fits on the device itself. How in the world do I use iTunes successfully under this situation?
A regular reader contacted me to see if I knew anything about MasterMind Groups. I don't (beyond what I have below), but I wonder if any of my readers do.
I've seen a number of articles recently on a variety of systems that let people ask questions and have them answered by "experts." Those experts could be biochemists on a email list somewhere, or technology enthusiasts on the million-and-one online bulletin boards / newsgroups, or it could be the average Joe who happens to know just the right thing in order to answer a question.
I have this "friend" who is really into steam trains. Does anyone know of a good resource for short videos online?
I'll be paying attention to other things (family) for the next couple of weeks, and have programmed a couple future blog entries to make it seem like something is happening here. I will start the break with a bunch of questions that have bugged me and I can't quite figure out where and how to ask about Outlook and other tech.
Ask and ye shall receive. MindManager maps are searchable. And a long-silent blogger has popped up elsewhere.
Has anyone figured out how to make MindManager mind maps searchable?
Has anyone come up with a tagging tool for personal use? I'd love, for example, to be able to quickly retrieve all my photos with my wife in them, regardless of date or location.
I think the next generation of aggregators / rss readers needs to be better at managing the situation where I have both regular and search subscriptions that bring back the same articles. Here's one idea.
I'm doing my end-of-month statistics, and I see in my error log that something has been trying to connect to individual entries in my weblog with mark-up in the URL's. It looks like a robot. But why?
My friend, Andy Boyd, is looking for an Intranet-based RSS Aggregator. Oh, lazyweb, what do you know?
I'm trying to figure out a better way to inform my readers that people have commented on entries. There are several options, but I want to intersperse comments and entries, which I haven't seen done before. Is this permissible?
I am inspired by the comments to Lee Lefever's original "What's Your RSS Reading Strategy?" I'm going to start using Outlook search folders to find topics in my feeds. In another vein, do any aggregators let me read articles by tag?
I've had comments from a number of people that they are having trouble getting to my website. Can you point me in the right direction for help?
Does anyone know why Norton AntiSpam 2005 seems to lock up with Outlook 2003?
UPDATE: This issue was resolved fairly quickly, thanks to the LazyWeb.My current web host and domain registrar has vanished, and I am trying to get my domain to point to a new host. If you check the whois database for, you will see Simon Keslake listed with a contact email...

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