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Geoffrey Moore talks about reaching your escape velocity in a Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast. I took away another version of the dangers of multitasking - at the team level.
Joe Dager's Business901 podcast this week has an interesting interview on Creating Flow with Don Reinertsen. While I enjoyed the entire podcast, the thing that piqued my interest in particular was around using these ideas in managing flow. Real execution advice.
Some notes and thoughts on the Clifford Nass interview at GigaOm. "Video: Multi-Tasking is Bad for Your Brain. Here's How to Fix It."
I attended a webinar on Product Management today entitled, Product Manager 101: What Does A Product Manager Actually Do by Christopher Cummings of Lycos.
My company brought in ZigZag Marketing to do some refresher training and provide some ongoing guidance around our product management / product marketing function. Here's an overview and some of my comments.
Forrester Research published Product Managers Are Working On The Wrong Things by Tom Grant in July. I've finally had a chance to look at it (being one of the survey respondents).
I attended a webinar by Marty Cagan of the Silicon Valley Product Group, where he discussed some a top ten elements from his new book, "Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love."
A couple weeks ago Adam Bullied put together an initial draft of "The Product Management Manifesto." It contains two major pieces: a philosophy (definition?) and a set of fundamental activities.
I sat in on a Catalyze Community webinar today, given by Carey Schwaber, a Sr. Analyst at Forrester Research. The topic was "Ten Tips for Driving Better Project Outcomes" and was directed at the Business Analyst role.
The Silicon Valley Product Group (Marty Cagan, I assume) asks about Eating Dog Food?. As in "we eat our own dog food."
Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing gave an entertaining and informative talk at the Boston Product Management Association meeting this evening.
I attended an excellent discussion (via webinar) of what product managers should be doing in organzations, from the perspective of Marty Cagan of the Silicon Valley Product Group.
Annie Peng Cui at Kent State University is doing a survey for her dissertation on the value of product management.
Expert Product Management puts one spin on product management, providing a quick overview of several areas in which product managers play.
Dennis Kennedy has an interesting observation about IT and the specific implementation of IT to serve a business. I see it at my new company. And I see it in KM.
Art Petty discussing "In support of the Product Manager as MVP."
Doing some advertising for a new-to-me networking site around product management, Catalyze. They appear to be focused on usability and business analysts, but product management is in their larger world.
As my new job is a product manager, it's nice to see things like this. Tyner Blain points to Ten New Product Manager Tips: from Adrienne Tan on brainmates.

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