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To my readers. I am in the process of moving my blog from the current backend to a new one, and I expect there will be some hiccups along the way. My I hope to recreate my feeds and everything smoothly. Probably everything will go kablooey for a while.
Temporary blog comments pause.
I hope your 2014 has been exciting and challenging. And I hope that your 2015 brings new adventure and new learnings.
Several weeks ago I spoke with APQC on a variety of topics, centered around their themes of critical knowledge. That has turned into two blog posts at APQC.
I've been taking Howard Rheingold's course Toward a Literacy of Cooperation, and this past week's readings and conversation were on the topic of social dilemmas, best described by The Prisoners' Dilemma and similar multi-party games. We had an exercise to try some online versions of the game and reflect on our experience.
I checked out LaunchBar and decided to keep it as a replacement for Mac's built-in Spotlight. I'm keeping it in my toolbox now.
I started this blog nine years ago. Woo hoo.
A friend is setting up a new personal blog (yes, people still do that), and he asked me a few questions about the style and layout. But this got me thinking why it is that blogs are still valuable - at least for me.
Christopher Avery's "Teamwork is an Individual Skill" may be ten years old, but it is a great resource. The short summary: I am responsible for the success of any venture in which I choose to participate
As most people know, today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It's a day for gathering with family and friends and food. It's also a day to reflect on what we have in our lives and be grateful. Here is an abbreviated list for me.
There is a problem with all these awesome social software suites.
I'm busy on a new project, so writing here has been severely curtailed.
I have been blogging here since 2003. Thanks to everyone who is reading and who inspires me to continue writing.
Haven't heard from me? My fault, not yours. I had some technical issues with email and my feedback form, and only just resolved them this week.
Do you go for perfect or good enough when producing your work? Do you go for perfect or interesting when selecting job candidates or companies with whom to do business?
I've been added to a list of "best project management blogs." Nice.
I've had an iPhone for a year and a different smartphone before that. Things have changed, and they haven't changed.
I did a podcast interview with Joe Dager of the Business901 podcast on the intersection of knowledge management and Theory of Constraints.
What is it that knowledge managers do? And what do you look for in a job description or a job title for "knowledge management?"
I've been learning and relearning some useful aspects of LinkedIn when connected to job hunting. Much of it has to do with reaching out to new people and refreshing connections that have grown thin.
Twitter is an interesting service. People can put you into lists, and that tells you something about how they see you. Maybe.
My current consulting gig is ending, and I am looking for something new. Here are some thoughts about that something new.
Well, it looks like I made it to 50+ books in 2010 with a combination of busines, fun and a few children's books thrown into the mix.
I was asked today, "If you were to blog about this, what would you say?" Interesting observation that I tend to be more eloquent on my blog than I was on the phone. Of course, I usually don't write so directly about what is happening between my ears.
Kevin C Desouza has a nice categorization of management consultant roles in "What kind of a management consultant are you?." I fit his category as a doctor.
I received a complimentary upgrade of PersonalBrain, and these are my comment in thanks for the upgrade. It has also given me a chance to review how I use PersonalBrain and if any of the new features are going to make sense for me.
Well, that was fun. As I mentioned yesterday, I spoke today at the Boston KM Forum meeting as a follow-on to the symposium a couple weeks ago. Here are some thoughts about the discussion, the picture of the mind map that we didn't get anywhere close to finishing, and some links that I mentioned. I threw in references from Theory of Constraints, change management, decision making, and some knowledge management of course.
I know this is a bit last minute: I am leading a discussion about decision making and knowledge management at Boston KM Forum tomorrow: "Influences on How I Can Make Better Decisions at Boston KM Forum."
What does good look like for a business website? I think part of defining good websites, is just like those other famous statements: I can't define it, but I know it when I see it. Here are some elements that I'd look for in a business / consultancy website.
It's surprisingly difficult to copy a personal book reading list into the online services of LibraryThing and Goodreads. It is doable, though. Now, if someone points me to a better service, I will either hug them or scream.
I was sent a complimentary copy of The Imperfect Leader because I've been reading and reviewing a number of other business novels. As you might guess from the title, this one focuses on leadership.
A graduate student from McGill contacted me recently to ask about my blogging practice with a focus on how I use categories within my blog. If you are curious too, this is my answer, edited for the blog format.
My review of Chip and Dan Heath's new book, Switch. It has been making the rounds of my networks, and now it sits next to me with lots of dog-eared paged and underlinings. And special thanks to Tammy Green for adding another point of view to my thoughts here.
Pete Warden - of Facebook mapping fame - also has Mailana that lets you map networks. The main application looks at Twitter, though he seems to have some other analysis capabilities as well.
My friend, Tammy Green, just sent me a copy of her luscious Chicago Cupcake Crawl e-book. Not only is it about cupcakes (cupcakes bakeries) in Chicago, but the pictures are just fabulous. And the writing is funny too - her personality shines right through the pages.
Hello kind readers. I have been thinking that I'd like to "freshen up" my blog, but I don't have a whole lot of energy to make a big update.
My friend, Shannon Clark has posted an article about the various media he consumes, which leads me to several new podcasts to explore. Here is my list of podcasts and some mention of other sources.
It's time for another all-about-me meme. I don't think I've posted one here in a long time, as most of them have moved over to Facebook and Twitter. (Thankfully, for the most part.)
Inspired by a comment from Robert Lavigne, "Sharing of new found knowledge is the responsibility of all knowledge workers." While many people see KM as all about the "management" and "collection" of knowledge, I have always seen it as about informing as many people as possible about what is going on / what is going through the organizational mind.
This week, I get to spend several days in San Francisco at Realization's Project Flow 2009 conference. Hopefully, I get to meet some additional friends.
A little more about blog syndication when it comes to a service like Newstex.
As of a week ago Monday, I have been blogging here for six years.
My reasons for being on Twitter.
Another fun Twitter-analysis website. A mosaic of your followers / followees.
Yet another meme, this time for pictures.
I've been getting a bunch of questions lately along these lines: What's all this about a new job, then? Yes, it is true. I am leaving AspenTech to work with two former Searle / Pharmacia / Pfizer colleagues as a member of P3 Consulting Group.
I had an interesting experience over the holiday break. I left work email at work. And I've discovered another advocate of email freedom in the founder of AwayFind, Jared Goralnick.
Here is a not-completely-frivolous test for the end of the year. How are you doing with Getting Things Done? Do you have perspective? Are you in control?
The problem: I get too much automated email from one of our internal bug tracking system. Yet, I still need to keep up on what's happening with my products.
Typealyzer says that this blog appears to be of the Myer-Briggs type INTJ.

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